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New FeatureScript: Thread Creator



  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 467 ✭✭✭
    @Dschey glad you like it, thanks for the kind words. Please do let me know in the thread what improvements/features you'd like to see.  I dont have a lot if time, but i would like to generate another version that has user-requested improvements!
  • jerry_davisjerry_davis Member Posts: 1
    hello Dave.

    Looks like a great tool.

    I'm new at this onshape cad tool.

    What would be the parameter necessary to generate 3/8-24 threads?
  • matt_maurinmatt_maurin Member Posts: 2 PRO
    I am having trouble producing the thread on multiple faces at once.
    Is this a limitation of the script, or am I missing something?
    I can do each hole individually, but cannot choose every hole face (7 total) to produce threads in one feature.
    In the file attached below, I have only tried to choose 2 hole faces.


  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 467 ✭✭✭
    @matt_maurin that's not a use case I considered, so currently it is a script limitation. I will add that to my list of feature requests. 

  • matt_maurinmatt_maurin Member Posts: 2 PRO
    @dave_cowden I appreciate it. Thanks for the response. It's a great tool!
  • Matteo_GazzinMatteo_Gazzin Member Posts: 4
    Hi Dave, thanks for your great work. It's really helpful!

    I'm asking your advice on using it to generate an inner thread. Here's what I did:
    I have an aluminum screw with a thread that has a 12 mm external diameter.
    I created a cylinder with a hole of the same diameter as my thread(12mm) to match it.
    When I try to apply your script, the generated inner thread is too tight and the screw doesn't fit. 
    I tried to add an extra mm (increasing the starting cylinder hole diameter to 13mm) and it kinda works but it's not a reliable method. Do you have any suggestion on that? 
    Sorry if it's something obvious that I should know but I'm coming from a different field and I'm just approaching this CAD world.

    Thanks a bunch, 
  • Cam_MillsCam_Mills Member Posts: 1 EDU
    edited July 2019
    Dave you legend! I am pretty new to OnShape with about 3 months under the belt just doing basic projects helping high school kids with technical drawing (I'm no pro but do enjoy it). Anyway for the past week I've been printing a bunch of brackets from various found designs so that I my students can mount their phones above the desk to capture images as they make their stop motion films. My problem's been fastening the gantry to the desk, everything out there was too weak so I decided to design and make my own for 3D printing coupled to a GoPro mount. Tonight, to my enormous relief, I found your Thread Creator Feature Script. So easy to figure... Well, I think it works but am only just figuring cylindrical mates with screw setting in assemblies. A test piece of the screw and clamp is just about cooked as we speak, so excited! Anyway, you can have a sticky here if you like. Thank you again for sharing such a valuable tool, keep up the great work! Cam. I think this link allows you to edit, if not let me know, I plan to share on Onshape once I know if works... https://cad.onshape.com/documents/8b4ac04fcceb26685778dce3/w/768924ee597f0aba4ce4d22a/e/8c92658f9e208e48ae888331  
    Edit 1: Oops, sorry to say it didn't work. Will reply if I figure it out.
    Edit 2: Figured it out. Print Knurled Bolt part vertically but scale the X&Y axis to 95% (96% should also work) and it's perfect. I suppose there's a better way to scale in OnShape and will try to figure that in time. Still making minor adjustments, can't believe how strong it is using Prusa Slicer with 0.6mm nozzle with concentric faces & 40% cubic infill. Printing bolt in PLA and C Clamp in PET, but PLA tests also promising!
  • AaenAaen Member Posts: 1
    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your great work!
    I needed to make threads on a conical surface tonight, at as far as I can see, the featurescript does not support this. That would be a really great addition :-)

  • otaolafrotaolafr Member Posts: 113 EDU
    hello  @dave_cowden
    I saw that you were planning to add the BSP threads from a post, is still in planning? (it was an old post...) best regards! franco
  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 467 ✭✭✭
    @Otaola_Franco thanks for using Thread creator! That's the  plan whenever I do a new release, but I've been busy on other projects and haven't gotten back around to doing FS development. I'll certainly post back here when I do!
  • Edgar_PerezEdgar_Perez Member Posts: 4 PRO
    Hello @dave_cowden, can the threadcreator make male NPT threads (National pipe taper as defined by ASME B1.20.1?
  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 467 ✭✭✭
    Sadly, no it can't
  • ryan_schlotterbackryan_schlotterback Member Posts: 1
    Maybe I'm a dummy, but can you give a quick overview on how to use this thread creator?  I'm trying to make 7/16-24 threads, but not sure how to modify the prediction of the tool.  It keeps giving me a .4-8.  
  • otaolafrotaolafr Member Posts: 113 EDU
    I am having trouble producing the thread on multiple faces at once.
    Is this a limitation of the script, or am I missing something?
    I can do each hole individually, but cannot choose every hole face (7 total) to produce threads in one feature.
    In the file attached below, I have only tried to choose 2 hole faces.


    hello matt,
    not perfect but a solution (if they are the same lenght, if not it is usable but a little bit more tedious...):
    1.you create a cylinder with with a howl the size you want to do the thread.
    2.you use the thread FS to create a thread in it.
    3. you use another custom FS point pattern to pattern the cylinder in the center of the holes you want to thread https://cad.onshape.com/documents/9fca78cb66a0bc83e359eb3e
    4. you fuse the cylinder with the objects.
    4.bis if the holes are different lenghts you cut them respectly before fusing with the cutting tool + the face of the solid that you are going to fuse with it :)

  • otaolafrotaolafr Member Posts: 113 EDU
    hey @dave_cowden ,
    could you consider adding an icon to the FS? @Evan_Reese have created already one for the Thread FS (see: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/12771/i-want-to-help-make-custom-feature-icons)
    would be great to be able to differentiate it quickly :)
  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 467 ✭✭✭
    @Otaola_Franco I definitely will thanks for the suggestion.

    I have a accumulated several great feature requests for thread creator that I've just not gotten around to as well.  I'm hoping to have some time to do some of those soon. 

    I think for starters I'll probably post my list here to make sure I haven't missed any and to solicit user consensus on which are most valuable
  • jan_vránajan_vrána Member Posts: 2
    Hi Dave,

    I try my first steps with Your Thread Creator but I must be doing something quite wrong. I try to create a screw freely passing throu the outer U part and screwed into the inner tube. I tried several combinations of types of holes and types of thread creator settings but with no luck. The screw can be created in the outer part but not in the inner one (even everything looks fine - no error). 

    Could You please help me to define this part?

    Thanks Jan

  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,192 PRO
    I think it's actually working but I'm guessing it wasn't really meant to start with a non planar face. You just need to "clean it up" after the fact. Here's an example where I created a zero offset surface to trim the unwanted part of the thread and also added a revolved cut to chamfer the edge of the thread:

  • kevin_kunstkevin_kunst Member Posts: 3
    I'm unable to create an M2.5 .45mm pitch threaded hole, though I AM able to create an external thread with those same dimensions.  Any idea why the threaded hole isn't working?  Here's a document exemplifying the issue:


    I assume I'm doing something wrong
  • antlu65antlu65 Member Posts: 55 EDU
    edited September 2022
    I looked at the example you linked. I was able to create M2.5-0.5 and M2.5-0.4 internal threads without issue, but am unable to create the M2.5-0.45 thread you are looking for. I suspect this is an issue that would need to be resolved in the FeatureScript code. Don't know how active the script author is these days.

    Possible workaround here:
  • kevin_kunstkevin_kunst Member Posts: 3
    @antlu65 your plugin worked great, thank you so much!
  • rashugerashuge Member Posts: 8
    First off, I love this script.  Nice work!  What I have found is that if I make two extruded holes and then try to apply the thread to those two holes, it will let me select them, it will not show an issue in the feature script dialog but one of the two holes does now show the thread.  I can work around it by doing two different thread creates but I cannot select multiple holes and apply the same configuration.
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