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Section View in Chrome went to black background after NVIDIA card installation

curtis_vancuracurtis_vancura OS Professional Posts: 18 PRO
I am running a DELL XPS 8920 that had an AMD RADEON RX 480 which never worked well with Onshape. So I upgraded. 

Now System Check shows:P "GL renderer ANGLE (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0)" and "GL vendor Google Inc.", and "Measured triangles per second 805.2 million+; Measured lines per second 433.6 million", and I'm happy... except:

Now Section View in Chrome has black background, while Firefox does not >> a Chrome issue. [Google Chrome is up to date: Version 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

I would appreciate it if someone would help me fix this.


  • Paul_J_PremakumarPaul_J_Premakumar Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 175
    Hi @curtis_vancura,

    This is most likely an issue with the graphics card and chrome.  Feel free to open a support ticket for this. Can you share the output of  chrome://gpu ( paste this in a chrome window)?

    In the meantime, have you tried installing the latest driver on the graphics card?

  • curtis_vancuracurtis_vancura OS Professional Posts: 18 PRO
    I has taken a few hours to accomplish, but here is the story:
    Upon following the installation instructions, at the point of installing the drivers from the NVIDIA installation CD, the screen went blank and after 5 minutes or more, I finally forced Windows 10 quit, and re-booted. 
    The display drivers were seemingly installed, but a check on re-starting the installation process, the software noted that some components were not installed.
    In Device Manager, I chose to let W10 to search and update the driver for the card.
    Upon success, (installing a Dec. 2018 driver) I then went to my Onshape document, and found the Section View black background. for the first time.
    I tried Firefox -it was OK.
    Onshape (Chrome) System Check showed everything was good, so I tried re-booting again -no help.
    I received a suggestion from my trouble ticket (and link) to download the latest driver from NVIDIA directly and found it was a newer version driver. Upon trying to install it, W10 would not let me (stated 'already good'.) 
    I rolled back the driver to the CD's 2016 version, and my screen went blank again. 
    Upon re-booting (with the 2016 driver), I again tried Onshape Section View again, and it was now good with the old driver!
    I then tried installing the driver from NVIDIA, and could not until I downloaded their Automatic Driver Updates application (had to create an account), and then I could install their latest (Feb 2019) version.
    Again, Onshape System Check shows everything good.
    Why it now works with the old 2016 and the new 2019 drivers is a mystery. (maybe it would have just taken 3-4 boots?)
    All-in-all, it seems there is a bug in the CD installation .exe, and maybe it would have been better to have simply started at the NVIDIA site for the installation and never inserted the CD. (OK, I'll make a note to do that for all my future installations that require software drivers...)
    Thanks everyone...
  • Paul_J_PremakumarPaul_J_Premakumar Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 175
    Thank you for the update @curtis_vancura. Glad you were able to figure it out.
  • Markku_LMarkku_L Member Posts: 30 PRO
    CD's are almost in every case already old when they arrive to end user...don't understand why they are still provided.
  • rune_thorsen229rune_thorsen229 Member Posts: 161 EDU
    Got the same Issue, no possibility for changing driver as I'm not admin and on old hardware - waiting patiently for an upgrade. In the meantime I have to work on this:
    I do like black bacground however so I would suggest that you could let the user decide and maybe also let the toolbars and featurelist be on black background.

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