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What does "Some of the geometry intersects itself or is degenerate" mean

I am new to OnShape. I have a .dwg file exported from Illustrator that OnShape is having trouble with. Part of the file works and part doesn't. I've been trying different things but nothing helps. Even if I bring it in as two different files, the one that works is good but the one that doesn't gives me the above error. I've checked for grouping, non-continuous lines, fill, non fill, etc., etc., etc. 
Attached is the .ai file. The "r" in the logo works. The "m" gives me the error above. 


  • Ste_WilsonSte_Wilson Member Posts: 86 EDU
    Not sure about the errors, but I don't think the files have attached.  Perhaps you could share a public link to the document with the two files in?
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